Tuesday, June 10, 2014

From One Blogging Bride to Another : Guest Post from Juno & Joy

We are getting married in less then a week, eeeekk, exciting! The sun is shining {hopefully that stays!}, our family and friends are arriving to London, my last day at work was yesterday, but still, while I should start feeling relaxed, I'm starting to feel a since of un finished to do lists that are driving me crazy. I was excited to have Sarah Christopher, the Creator & Editor of the wedding blog, Juno & Joy, stop by today to share some tips on how to wind down before your wedding, because this is advice I need. I'm going to let Sarah take it away….. 

As a former {nearly 3 years married!} blogging bride myself I understand just how much pressure you can feel ahead of the big day…it can be hard to manage high expectations – not least of all from yourself – and at a time when you should be simply enjoying every minute of the preparations…
So, for Rebecca and for any bride – blogging or otherwise – who might be feeling a little overwhelmed in the run up to their big day – here’s my top tips on how to keep your wedding day calm:

Enlist help. Whether it’s paid or otherwise, if there’s someone who can act as your wedding co-ordinator either throughout the entire planning process, exclusively on-the-day or in the weeks running up to your wedding – GO FOR IT! A celebration of this scale can’t run itself and even the small, relaxed weddings take careful preparation to ensure they run seamlessly. By organising a specific person to effectively run your wedding day you’re not only going to be able to sit back and enjoy it but your nearest and dearest can too!
Don’t DIY SOLO. We all have visions of creating all the pretty little details that’ll make our wedding unique and personal but it’s really impossible to do alone. In this circumstance a little cheating is acceptable! It’s great to see you accepting help from your friends – a DIY party is an inspired idea Becca! And for the wedding itself, consider letting a couple of your closest friends in on “the vision” and have them help set up the venue d├ęcor…I was obsessive about doing everything on my own to make sure there was a real “ta-da” moment. Luckily my gals had other ideas and showed up unannounced to help – this not only led to the most incredibly fun day with them but also meant we were finished in time to pamper ourselves and have a really girly night together.

Let go. You’ll never execute every planned details of your day as perfectly as you’ve built the vision up in your head. That doesn’t matter. Irrespective of whether you’ve remembered the colour-coordinated confetti that might offer an incredible photo op (I didn’t) or forget to pick up the surprise cookies and cream cheesecake for your husband’s Groom’s cake surprise (yep) – no-one lese will notice. They’ll be too busy enjoying the atmosphere and love…and you should too!

Retain a sense of humour. It may rain. Or hail. Or your transport might brake down en route (or all the aforementioned in our case…damn those vintage VW’s!) it doesn’t matter…come rain or shine, whether on horseback or on a bus – you will get married and it will be wonderful. Embrace the unexpected – it’ll make excellent anecdotes for the grandchildren.

Take time out with your husband – and your photographer – your guests will hardly notice! We did a little of this – but not enough. I felt I hardly saw Adam post speeches and though we had some time with our amazing photographer Lucy – we should have accepted her offer to jump in the car and head to our favourite beach nearby. It’s such an important place for us I wish now we had some photo keepsakes of us in our favourite spot.

Step away from social. No Facebook, live tweeting or Instagramming. Yes your supporters & followers will be desperate to see snippets of your day – but everyone’s entitled to time-out and all will understand. You need to be in the moment. Relish it, take it all in – the time passes so quickly. Plenty of time for technology once your home from Honeymoon…and it keeps the wedding high going for a little longer too!

Be the first to leave. We all love a good party …but there’s nothing worse than dealing with the anti-climax of seeing your party numbers drop. Know when to go…best time is usually after you’ve witnessed the first guest fall over on the dance-floor…it’s all downhill from there!

Have a wonderful wedding day Becca, your plans look amazing and how lovely that you’ve so many travelling from far and wide to share this beautiful occasion with you! Can’t wait to see the photos – ahem – post wedding day!
Love Sarah xXx 

Thank you SO much Sarah for this advice! I can't tell you how RIGHT you are! After weeks of crafting and organizing, I'm ready to enjoy this occasion with my hubby! Ladies, take the advice and enjoy your day! xoxo

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