Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Throughout our wedding planning I have had so many people offer to help us with anything we need. In all honesty, sometimes I have a hard time accepting help and find I just want to do it my way. Well, with a wedding less then two weeks away, I wish I had accepted more! Two months ago I decided to ask some girlfriends over to help with a couple DIY projects and wow, I wish I had done it ten more times. We caught up, drank bubbly, and got some projects marked off our list. DIY day with your girlfriends, highly recommended, THEY WANT TO HELP YOU! 
I set up some bubbly, some brunch and of course some pretty flowers and invited the girls over on a Saturday morning to help me with some crafting projects for the big day. I had prepped most of the ribbons, organized all of the tissue and other items. With some simple instructions and all of the materials organized, it was a really nice morning and a fun way to have my friends help. 
The amount of ribbon I have purchased these last few months is out of control. I can not WAIT to show you the pictures though of all of the guests waving the ribbon wands as we walk to the reception!  
 Ummmm I couldn't resist a picture of my adorable friend Ann's awesome shoes! 
 Bubbly and crafting do mix!…. just make sure to stay far away from finished items! 
 Some advice I could give you if you are planning your big day and people offer to help, take it! Looking back I wish I had done ten DIY days and nights! It was fun to catch up with friends and honestly, crafting is a bit therapeutic. People want to help you and as much as I like doing things my way, there are just not enough hours in the day anymore.
 Bubbles, tissue cutting, bubbles, tissue cutting. 
Happy crafting! xoxo - Becca

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