Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Gifts

Beau and I got engaged in September and moved Across the Pond a couple weeks after. It was a really couple of busy months with me travelling back and forth from London to the UK and realizing, "wow, we are getting married!". I haven't got to have that fun engagement party with all of our friends that I have dreamed of, however I have to say, we are one lucky couple to get the sweetest gifts in the mail from our friends in the States. I wanted to share some of them because first off, they make me so happy when I receive them in the post and second, if you are looking for some ideas for a newly engaged couple, I would suggest one of each! 

How cute is this teeny engraved wood grain like ring bowl that Brandi got me! I love it. When I slather my hands with heavy creams before I go to bed {which is often with the cold nights here in London!} I leave my ring in this sweet bowl where I will never forget where I put it. 
Emily surprised me with this sweet notepad that I have already written a few thank you notes on, me and Frans and all of the cities we have lived in together.
Oh polka dot napkins and a personalized stamp from Laura! The napkins were PERFECT for our first Mexican night dinner party with our new London friends and the stamp couldn't be MORE perfect to use in our new London flat!
I got a little sappy happy when I opened this print! It made me think back to the distance Beau and I lived back and forth from each other for a couple of years and how at the time it was awful, I moved to Florida, we move to London and here we are now. I will forever love this print! 
An adorable congratulations card with a little instagram pic of fancy champagne to toast next time we get together, while hello, always the perfect engagement gift. It is is funny because I think up until the day before our wedding day, I will still be celebrating our engagement! 
That is right we did! The right move....together!
I have these salt and pepper shakers on our table and it reminds me every time of the dinner we had in NYC when he got down on one knee, super thoughtful and yes practical. 

Thank you to everyone for making us feel so loved and for continuing to send me sweet notes and emails, it is for sure a fun time being engaged and every time a little note or box arrives, reminds me how lucky we are. Some days I think next Summer {looks like that is when the big day will be} seems like forever away, but for now I'm just enjoying being his fiance:) 


{excuse the super fabulous picture quality...hee hee...most of them were taken, yep, you guessed, on my phone!}


  1. that bowl is lovely! I've seen some similar on Etsy and have been thinking about getting one - I take my rings off when I run because my fingers swell and I'm terrified I'll lose them!

    1. Thanks! They were the sweetest gifts! I also take my ring off when washing dishes, getting my nails etc. and get paranoid! I keep it in my little macaron box alot also because I close it:

  2. Hi, why not give her a keepsake box as a gift so she can store anything during her engagement. We actually got one for the wedding and I LOVE it. It was bought by my friend at Gift Baskets.

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  3. these are all such great and thoughtful gifts! I laughed at your comment about the marriage day gift exchange, I recently mentioned that to my fiance and he refused to believe "it could be a thing.I seriously just love your necklace in those bridal photos. you create me wish i had worn one. it's perfect!!!! Wedding Gifts

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