Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dior at Harrods

I had such a lovely past few days because one of of my dearest friends from DC, Elizabeth, has been visiting. I absolutely LOVE having visitors from the States come over, first off I miss them and secondly, it is always fun to discover new things in our new city and share them with friends. There is always something new to do in London, the list never gets short! Once you think you have seen every palace, you discover a new one, or all of the good tea and cake shops, you find a better one! I was excited to discover that Harrods had partnered with Dior and had taken over the British department store with a cafe, pop up shop, amazing window displays and a really well curated mini exhibit on the history of Dior. Plus, when I read about a cafe serving Christian Dior themed cupcakes, I knew that I had to bring a girlfriend here! Perfect timing! 
The window displays at Harrods are wonderful! There are red buses with stilettos, British soldiers with Dior attire, The London Wheel full of Miss Dior perfume and my favorite was the Tower Bridge with purses set up to look like ships bobbing back and forth in the water. 
The yellow number below with a pink underlay, hhhmmm, how can I get my hands on this one? Dior's new designer Raf Simons has his new line featured around the window, and boy, it is pretty. 
 This window display is so fun! Purses displayed like ships on the sea. 
 Head to the 4th floor for a free guided tour, our guide Tom was fantastic! Not only are the guides looking spiffy in their tailored suits, they had a lot of little fun facts about the history of the fashion house that was really fun to find out. 
I remember heading to the Dior boutique in Paris when I was studying abroad. OK all I could afford was a tube of lip gloss, but purchasing it in the beautiful Paris headquarters  made you feel a little more fancy, it is such a beautiful building. They have replicated the head office of 30 Avenue Montaigne and wow, what a fun display, Elizabeth and I started chatting about what a fun backdrop it would be for a wedding or event! Peering into the windows had amazing details and set ups of the rooms with their signature perfume collections.
There is a display of the haute couture pieces first design made with muslin mock ups. You could see the difference of Galliano's rough edges and Simons refined mock ups that I almost felt I could wear as is. Dior please. Muslin mock up wedding dress?
They created a miniature display of many of their classic signature pieces. How about that wedding dress in the front, ummmm gorgeous! Or the polka dot dress on the left, I can envision some red heels and polka dots for a night out with Beau! hee hee:)

The Lady Dior, le sigh. The Lady Dior handbag was named after Princess Diana and is created out of 43 different pieces that are hand sewn together. I am always amazed at watching the creation of an intricate handbag that we carry every day and seeing the stitching and time it takes to put together, pretty amazing how much work goes into one handbag. 
The exhibit has a few famous Dior dresses that celebrities have worn over the years. Recognize the dress on the left, Charlize Theron rocks it in the J'Adore perfume ad. The dress on the right with the mini waist was once worn by Elizabeth Taylor at the Oscars!
Head on over to Harrods for a free afternoon out {OK, minus the cupcakes or new Dior limited edition nail polish}. I do think it is quite a fun exhibit to swing by with your girlfriends for a day out at Harrods! The exhibit is running until April 14th, have fun!


*all my pics were taken on my iPhone. You may have seen me on Instagram, follow along here. 

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  1. WAW, I love DIOR! Cool photos!


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