Thursday, March 14, 2013

Days Like This I Want To Get Away

No, these are not the lyrics to a Katy Perry song;) She wants to drive away right? Having been use to a lot of travel AND a lot of Florida sunshine, Beau and I have started to feel the need to have sun on our face. It has been a cold winter here and England! I have been itching recently to get away, to a little sunshine, out of England and have a bit of a holiday. Even though this may not be happening for a few months, a girl can dream right? 

Living in the UK, it is so easy to hop on a plane for a great deal and be in Italy or France for less then the cost of a flight from DC to Florida, it is amazing! I am awaiting my passport back from the UK Border Agency, and when it arrives back in my hands, ALL of these locations are on my dream weekend getaway list! With work, wedding plans, meeting new people, keeping up with friends and the day to day things in life {laundry, cleaning, blah blah blah}, I would just like to take a book and run away to one of these locations! Any European get away suggestions, let me know! 



  1. SAME! My body is craving sun so bad. I desperately need a holiday. any of these destinations would do haha :) x

  2. You should look into Malta. It has a super relaxed vibe. And lots of sun!


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