Friday, October 19, 2012

Mungo & Maud Store Visit

Right before we moved to London I was so excited to see a fun email pop up in my inbox inviting Oliver and I to visit the adorable store Mungo & Maud . Rebecca had found us through Oliver's feature over on the Pretty Fluffy and being that we were new to the city I thought it was the perfect chance to take Oliver on a little adventure.

After taking Sir Oliver on an hour double decker bus ride {he had a blast!} we found the adorable shop on Elizabeth Street, the same street as the famous milliner Philip Treacy, the luxury wedding dress designer Jenny Packham and the amazing cake company Peggy Porschen. I was excited to step inside the shop and find a beautiful environment that was such a change from the American big box dog stores. 

Mungo & Maud is a luxury dog and cat accessories company based in London. Their focus is on stylish, timeless, high quality dog & cat items. Their products have a minimalist design and are made of natural materials such as cotton, wool, leather and linen. The shop sells a range of products from cotton dog beds, organic dog treats, feeding bowls and hand stitched leather collars. 

The long wooden table that runs down the center of the store was lined with so many items that I would love to buy for Sir Oliver or as a gift. Isn't the basket full of Knitted Lion Dog Toys adorable?

I might need to head back to the store very soon to purchase a few of these adorable Portia Pebble Dog Toy for a few holiday gifts. Not only are they adorable but they also squeak which I know is a big hit with all of our furry friends! 

Beautiful ceramic dog bowls {the pink was my favorite of course} and elegant leather collars are beautiful and simple and are the perfect addition to your puppy's life. 

The store carries a selection of organic treats. I bought a bag of the seasonal pumpkin treats and they are packaged so pretty that they are quite a special treat for Oliver! 

One of my favorite items at Mungo & Maud is the Pull My Leg Monkey Dog Toy. The toy is meant to be torn apart by your dog! The monkey's limbs are attached by Velcro which makes it perfect for them to deconstruct and play with.  

Baskets of crocheted dog bones and balls are scattered throughout the store and all include a squeak! Oliver was a huge fan of these, a true test to how great the products are, doggy approved. 

Not only is the store a great place to treat your dog, Mungo & Maud also offers a line of clothes for us, their best friend and their walker. These cashmere gloves and hat are a great accessory for the chilly mornings when you take them on a long walk. Having just moved from sunny Florida to London, I may need to add a pair of these gloves to my wardrobe for long walks with Oliver and maybe even a puffy vest. 

Oliver was the perfect model for the Mungo & Maud dog beds ! I have never loved having dog toys laying in every corner of our home and attempt to keep them all stored in Oliver's basket. The same thing goes with a dog bed! These dog beds are stylishly designed and provide a comfortable place for your dog and a stylish piece to your home. 

Thank you so much to Mungo & Maud for inviting me and Sir Oliver to the shop! {woof woof! Oliver thanks you too!} We can not wait to go back and stock up on some more adorable goodies for Oliver! 

Mungo & Maud is also available online here. If you are in London visit their shop on Elizabeth Street, the shop-in-shop at Harrods or their soon to be opened shop in Notting Hill.  

xoxo~ Becca & Sir Oliver

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  1. Cute stuff! Their stuffed animals are adorable. I love the one where the arm comes off. My dogs would love the place. I'll have to check them out online. Thanks!
    -Michelle {LiveLoudly}


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