Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Happy Sunday everyone! I am just as thrilled as the Duchess is below {I mean truly, how cute are they!}, it is Sunday, the weekend was filled with a successful Yard Sale, dinner with friends, and lots of fun surprises I can't WAIT to share with you. I am also just as thrilled as Kate Middleton because big news.......

THE SPICE GIRLS ARE PERFORMING AT TONIGHT'S CLOSING CEREMONY!!!!! Woo Hoo! The image of them below is their rehearsal!!! Oh Ya, I was a huge Girl Power fan in high school and not going to lie, a little Posh, Sporty, Baby, Ginger and Scary Spice still find their way into my playlists. So that is what I will be doing tonight, sitting by the tv, stacks of magazines, Pinterest time and Spice Girls time! Spice up your LIFE! 

I also read some fabulous links this morning after my run that I hope you would enjoy on your Sunday morning as well! Happy Weekend! Happy Olympics! xoxo~Becca

I am redoing my little corner of the world thanks to Danielle Moss and I have started to redesign it, can't wait to share it! Have you seen her adorable blog Breakfast at Toast or my favorite...The Everygirl!

I loved this article about balance of life with your "Mister" and your friends.  

The new RUE magazine came out this week and  I will certainly be diving into this with a cup of coffee today. 

Customized Lunch Bags for your kiddos are absolutely adorable. 

We featured a sweet Southern Wedding Planner Shannon over at Floridian Weddings, check her out, she's a doll

I'm totally LOVING these baubles that Sarah shared, they are pretty little things. 

The amazing South Florida based photographer Kat Braman shot a dream like wedding in Provence. Want to day dream and run in a lavender field...check this out. 

I've been waking up tired from my sleep? How does that happen! Maybe I need to sew one of these little masks this weekend. 

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