Friday, October 8, 2010

Martha. Oprah.

These two ladies.....

Miss Black Tennessee Beauty Queen

Glamour Magazine Fashion Model

In case you missed it this week, Martha Stewart was on the Oprah show on Tuesday. These two women, well I kind of love them. I DVR all of their shows, I read their magazines, I've been to Martha's show, I've stood on the stage near Oprah (hahaha, OK, she was on the other side of the curtain, I could hear her but never saw her, sigh. I DREAM OF ATTENDING HER SHOW!), you get it, I love them! So on Tuesday Miss Martha got all dolled up in her satin shirt and appeared on Oprah's last season!

All of the guests went away with her amazing Michael's crafts products! I love how Oprah was laughing at how excited Martha was about her corner punch. I was excited. I think I need one.

The Bloody Mary Bar was so fun. I have always said I am going to make my own flavored vodkas. They are so simple and easy to do, however I have never finished the project. After watching the show I think, "OK, easy, I need to do this". On the show the made a cucumber vodka which looked oh so refreshing!
That also set up a grilled cheese bar, genius, easy, must use!

The Oprah Show recreated Martha Stewart's craft cabinets.
The ribbon shelf, I die.

Martha's cookbooks, hhhmm, which don't I own???

If you have a chance this weekend, download the show and watch it. The two of these women have changed America in many ways. I loved the segment where Martha was showing Oprah how to properly fold fitted sheets. I remember 9 years ago being at Syracuse in the Auditorium watching Martha give a presentation and teach a college guy how to properly iron a shirt. I was so amazed that she got the entire audiences attention to do domestic work. She has certainly changed how we think of the domestic goddess.

Oprah, thank you for having her on your last season. By the way, if you have a few tickets left over for the final season, my and my sisters would LOVE to go:) Miss Oprah you have changed our lives !

Enjoy! xoxo~Becca

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