Monday, October 11, 2010

dreaming of Fall...clothes

I think that one of the hardest changes for me moving to Florida has been accepting the weather. The sunshine is beautiful and I know in January I will love it when I watch the news and see all of the snow up North. However, not having the leaves change colors and the air get chilly has made me sad. I absolutely LOVE the Fall season, I love everything about it! I realized recently why I was SO bored of my wardrobe, because I have been wearing the same clothes since May and do not see a reason to change out the closet to Fall clothes. Why? Well, it is still 85 degrees in Florida!
I put together a little outfit I would love to wear if I was walking around the city on a nice Fall day, Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand. I would add some nice black tights and some chunky jewelry and stroll around the leave lined sidewalks. It is different here, we have palm leaves on the ground.
The other day I broke down and pulled on some black tights (one of my favorite items of clothing! thick black tights). I think I was a little hot with the sun shining on me, but I do not care. I baked some pumpkin cookies today and lit my autumn spice candle. It smells like Fall in my house, now if there was only a reason to wear a heavy jacket and a scarf!

xoxo~ Becca

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