Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What a FANCY housewarming party!

I can not believe it has taken me this long to post about Kevin Sharkey's fabulous housewarming party in last month's Martha Stewart Living magazine. For all of you Martha fans out there, you are probably aware that her creative director Kevin Sharkey has been renovating his Manhattan apartment for quite some time. Their have been frequent mentions on her blog, tweeting, on tv and finally in last month's magazine about his amazing renovation.
To celebrate his new place Kevin invited a few friends over for a quite a simple but CHIC housewarming party. I am in deeply in love with the decor and the fun details he added!
TONS of balloons are always so great for a birthday party. Balloon arches, no thank you, but bundles and bundles of balloons are nothing but lovely!

This Oreo Cookie cake is nothing else but amazing! With sparklers on top it is so fun! I will post the easy recipe later today. OOOooo, how fun would it be to have your friends walk out with this cake at a birthday soiree!

Kevin set up a little game of ping pong in his dining room. Check out Alexis' personalized paddle (yep, that is Martha Stewart's daughter) that Kevin monogrammed, sigh, love.

Ok this is the detail I LOVE. NOW REALLLLY..... he used Chanel Red lipstick to keep score of the game on his dining room mirror. Now that's a great way to warm you house with your friends. HOW CHIC IS THAT! And I love how they drew frames on the mirrors for additional decor!

Small apartment and not enough room to keep the bubbly cold? No worries, use your bathtub! While you are at it decorate your shower with stacks of your Hermes boxes (to bad I do not have one, maybe some day!). I mean really, that is just about wonderful!

I love the party decor! I love the party all together. I want to put on fancy shoes like the guest above and invite all my friends down to Florida and maybe fill up up the pool with bubbly and write all over the house with Chanel lipstick! Now that sounds like a nice party to me.

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  1. It seems like a very nice and fun-filled housewarming party. I wish I can celebrate with that kind of event someday. I love the cookies cake.


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