Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fort Lauderdale Friday

I have been eager to find a cute local wine bar that reminded me of my old places in DC. Beau and I have been driving by 7th Street Wine bar for months now. It is right up the street from us and I keep saying we need to try it! It doesn't look so great from the street, dark windows, not great signage, neon signs, however entering from the back you find a cute wine shop and bar.

The wine shop/bar has multiple deals throughout the week. We went on Thursday night for "Ladies Night" and I will for sure be going back! Thursday night, ladies get buy one get one free glasses of wine, I love a good deal.

The decor is not too chic, lots of wine bottle candle holders but hey, I can't complain. There is a wine shop then the bar portion with a few high top tables and a private wine tasting room. They have a small menu of bites you can enjoy with your vino. Perfect!

I love the wine selection, next time I must try out the Bitch wine I keep reading about. The part I loved about the wine bar is their automated wine dispensers. You buy a wine card that allows you to pour your own wines and taste expensive bottles of wine at your own. On Thursdays you get double the money! I got $50 worth of wine for $25, just what I needed was more wine. Perfect.

Ass Kisser Wine. Funny.

The Wine Dispensers are so fun. Now with my wine card I met get in trouble just "tasting" alllll night long. Oh well, it may not be my old Bardeo in Cleveland Park but I'm glad I found a little neighborhood bar for us.

Next time you are in Fort Lauderdale check it out.


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