Monday, June 15, 2009

OMG! ....I miss you!

ItsMonday....and I miss Gossip Girl! Summer tv, it's just not doing it for me. I so look forward to Monday night's guilty pleasure of Chuck and Blair, Lonely Boy and Serena, The Queen Bee group of girls and their crazy uniforms. I am dying for this shirt! Team Blair, I must get one. For now I'll enjoy watching reruns until the season returns. I'll rock my "Blair Bow" and look forward to see what happened after the amazing season finale. I have watched the Chuck and Blair reunion quite a few times.

Has anybody watched Bravo's new show, NYC Prep? It is suppose to be a real life Gossip Girl! OMG! Thoughts? Maybe I will add it to my DVR to keep my summer tv list full of guilty pleasure tv.

xoxo~ Becca

.... ooooo, here is a addicting GG site!

photos: me and my Blair Bow and the Blair shirt I must get soon!

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