Friday, June 19, 2009

I love DC - #1

I moved to DC as an intern during the Summer of 2002. To be honest, I was not very excited to be living in the Nation's Capitol. I felt like everybody I knew worked in politics, it was boring and stuffy. I wanted to be in New York City, with the excitement, the high energy, my girlfriends from Syracuse. (I lived in a house with 6 college guys that summer, it was quite an experience being the girly girl I am.) Well, 7 years later here I am. I've been here since graduation and I have come to LOVE this city. I think D.C. is a wonderful exciting place to live and I will miss it tons. I thought I would start posting my favorite things about DC and have a comparison of what I'm looking forward to in Florida:)

#1 - The view! No skyscrapers, trees, huge monuments, its pretty! The pictures above are from my office view, an event at the Kennedy Center with DC in the background, the view you see when you fly in, amazing. When I fly into DC I always love seeing the Jefferson Memorial in the distance, its so pretty. When I worked at the Kennedy Center for 4 years, it still excited me to drive up to it at night when it was all lit up. It is a beautiful city. I have been lucky to be here and enjoy it. That being said, it will be fun to live by the beach for a few years and have palm trees, sandy beaches and the ocean as my view, I won't complain.

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