Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Planning your Christmas Season

YAY! It is Christmas time! I absolutely LOVE this time of year! Christmas songs have been blaring on our speakers all weekend, I am writing a huge list of ingredients for Christmas cookies to bake  and the flat is decorated with lots and lots of Christmas sparkle {haha, because of this photoshoot it has partially been up since October! Weird blog photoshoot world!} That being said, with so many get togethers and activities during the season, not to count that I have one of the biggest high profile events I have had coming up mid way through the Christmas season, it is fun, but also a little stressful. Mr. Beau has made me promise to take care of myself and schedule "me time" during the season. It may sound silly, but it is so important. Sometimes you can get so caught up in saying YES to get togethers, shopping, entertaining etc. the fun becomes stressful. This Christmas I decided to make myself a plan for the month ahead to keep myself sane and enjoy it. Here are a few tips....

1. Sweat! - At the beginning of each week I have sat down Sunday night and scheduled in and signed up for my gym classes. I am still LOVING my Class Pass membership and it is great because so many options are available for me to get in a good workout at any time I can manage to squeeze in. Some of my favorite classes recently are: 1Rebel Reshape | Ten Pilates Beginners Reformer | David Lloyd Orange Theory   | Swift Fitness Bootcamp in Highbury Fields. Exercise, it is important and makes me feel way less stressed and better! 

2. Rest! - This weekend some of our plans were canceled and that was ABSOLUTELY fine with me. We slept in a bit, read a new silly book in bed with a mug of coffee, went to the flower market, watched Netflix wrapped in my new West Elm Faux Fur Throw and Yawn Sleep Socks , all while relaxing a bit. It was nice to really unwind during such a full on week.  

3. Have Fun! - Schedule in some fun Christmas date nights with your friend, your hubby, your parents. If you schedule it in then maybe you need to head into work earlier or stay later the night before, it minimizes the stress. There are WAY too many options of Christmas things to do in London but if you schedule in a date,  just try to do one per week night so it doesn't overwhelm you. A few things I have on my list: a walk through Tate Christmas Market   with some mulled wine, a yummy hot chocolate at the fancy Fortnum and Mason Parlour , a seasonal cocktail after viewing the Burberry Christmas tree at Claridges Bar 

4. Eat Healthy - There are enough holiday treats that come my way, so when I am at home and have a choice I start my day with a yummy green smoothie; my new fav: Green Smoothie Coffee Spinach 
and cook a big batch of a healthy recipe on Sunday to eat throughout the week.  Chicken Pistachio Curry  and Coconut Chickpea Curry  are my new favorites. 

5 . Relax! - A hot bath at the end of a long day makes me happy. I seriously love indulging in fancy bath products and taking a long hot bath during cold winter nights. Some of my favorite new bath finds are: Jo Malone Rose Bath Oil  | Ted Baker Pink Bubble Bath  and a Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Candle lit that reminds me a bit of Christmas. 

6. Plan! - Of course I am suggesting to PLAN everything, but yes, sit down with your dayplanner {how cute is this Blush Full Grain Leather Planner. Santa please!} and write down everything. You may notice you have completely overbooked and need to reschedule or also have more free time for a workout then you thought. 

Enjoy the season. Take care of yourself, but have lots of bubbly and celebrate. Just remember that it should be a fun time of year! Happy Christmas! 

xoxo Becca 

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