Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pretty Comfy

For the past two days I have been dealing with a yucky flu like cold. Sniffles, coughing, lots of water and too much tea. I spent the day laying on the couch wrapped up in layers watching past taped episodes of Downtown Abbey while coughing up a storm, it was lovely, haha. Wrapped up in leggings and layers of sweatshirts and my comfy scarf big scarf, made me think, how I would love to invest in some comfy soft warm new items. Cashmere, wool sweatpants, luxury teas served in pretty gold tea cups. Hey, it doesn't hurt to look pretty even though you are not feeling to hot, right? 

My recipe to getting better: 

Lots of hot tea. 1. LOV Organic Tea   2. Selfridges Mint Tea 

Tea must be served in a pretty mug of course. 3. Bombay Duck Polka Dot Mug

Not just a comfy hooded sweatshirt, but a cashmere one! 4. Cashmere Hoodie Gap

Drink LOADS of water 5. Water Bottle Bobble

Wrap yourself in the comfiest blanket ever 6. Fur Throw from George

Keep the chill away from every part of your body! 7. Cashmere Snood

Keep your feet warm and cute with some pretty slippers. 8. Velvet Boden Slippers

Forget about old yucky sweatpants or yoga pants, how about some knit ones! 8.H&M Fine Knit Sweatpants

Here is to hoping I feel better soon! xoxo - Becca


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