Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Favorite UK Party Supplies

When I moved to London almost two years ago I missed jumping in my car and running to the nearest mega US craft store Michael's when I needed tissue paper, washi tape, hole punches, etc. I couldn't find any craft shops here! After a year and a half of mini photo shoots, craft projects and wedding planning, I have found some wonderful stores and websites for basic UK party supplies online and in small boutiques. I hope that you may fancy them well!  

Fringe Garland, Metallic Fans, Tissue Pom Poms, Cake Stands- Peach Blossom

Ribbon of ALL sort! I have ordered A LOT of Velvet, Satin, Sequin! - Josy Rose 

Montana Spray Paint, this stuff ROCKS! Fast drying and matte! - Cass Art  {they also have lots of tissue!} 

Oversized Fringe Balloons - Eagle Eyed Bride

Washi Tape - Lovely Tape UK

Paper in every color, Card Stock , Gift Wrap, you can always count on the classic! - Paper Chase

Making Confetti? You need a fun hole punch. - Hobby Craft

My go to spot in town if I need extra ribbons, sewing items, tulle and other fabrics- John Lewis

Don't want to punch confetti yourself? Her Etsy shop is great for handfuls of it! - Its Party Party

Stripey Straws in all colors and patterns! - Pearl & Earl  

Little glassine bags of all shapes and sizes.- Lovely Tape UK

Happy Party Planning! xoxo - Becca

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