Monday, March 12, 2012

Budget Beauty

I am quite the beauty junkie I guess you could say. A new lipgloss makes me happy {like I need another one, I have 100!}. Walking by Sephora tempts me to wander in and get a new shade of eye shadow. I keep a traincase full of my beauty treasures in the bathroom which Beau likes to say, wow, you enjoy doing that every day? Well whatever, make up I love it! So I decided to start a new series, Budget Beauty. While I love a new Chanel lipstick, my budget doesn't always allow it! First up, the one item I've been dying to try, the Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System.
I have been wanting to buy this little Mia for probably a year. I read about it in all of the magazines and see it floating around on blogs as the essential cleaning tool. Can it really be that great? Do I really need a $110.00 face cleaner? I got a facial recently and even the facialist was like, oooo, yes, I can't live without mine. Ok, maybe! I envision my face glowing after I use the little pink Mia every evening.

Last week I was talking to some girlfriends and two of them said, Oh we love that but we have the Oil of Olay less expensive version. Less expensive? Oil of Olay? Something I can buy at Target? OK! The ProX Cleansing System is $26.99 which leaves me $92.01 to put towards other beauty products, savings maybe, a pair of shoes;)


Do you have either one? What are your thoughts?



  1. i have the clarisonic and it's the best $110 i've spent in a really long time!

    1. oooo. that just made my decision tough! Maybe Ill spend the $29- to try out the Olay one and then if I hate it...splurge!


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