Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy NEW YEAR! ~ 2012

Happy New Year! Happy 2012! I am sitting at my dining room table with a cup off coffee, pretty tulips and my new 2012 notebook I made on Minted {I'm a little obsessed}. I won a giveaway on Brooklyn Bride a month ago and ordered New Years cards and ordered one of these as well. I thought it was a great little place to write down my resolutions, dreams, plans and ideas for the year ahead and throughout 2012! Inside the cover I put a photo from a recent collaboration I created with Laura and amazing Kat {more to come soon} that I thought would get me inspired and remind me what I love every time! I also typed up some of my favorite quotes as a reminder to be happy, glittery and sparkly {my words for 2012!} every day! I hope you are having a relaxing New Years day! We rang in the New Year at home over an amazing bottle of wine, a nice dinner some board games and just relaxing, it was nice.

Today I'm doing a little cleaning and reorganizing before I head back to work tomorrow. I found these few links which I thought I would share. All good reads for the new year. Hoping 2012 brings you a bit of everything lovely!

5. I just found this blog and I like her road to getting fit! Here's to my road 2012!

xoxoxo~ Becca

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