Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Four Years Ago This Week

Today I started day dreaming about going on a winter ski vacation. While all of you that live up North want to escape to Florida, I have an itch to head to the mountains and have some snow time! I was day dreaming about a trip I took to Austria with Beau and his family four years ago and it got me thinking about four years ago this week...wow.

Four years ago this week was the big Inauguration week and it is still one of the most exciting and fun memories I have with my sisters and will be for the rest of my life. We bundled up and woke up at the crack of dawn sporting our Obama pins and walked down to the Mall watching the swearing in underneath the Washington monument. DC was so alive and exciting!

The evening before we had a huge event for Huffington Post {see the entire party here} at work that I was able to have them assist as volunteers with. I know that watching Will.i.am and Sting rehearse and later on perform with Sheryl Crow, while I escorted Ben Affleck through the VIP area, may have been a highlight of working in DC;)

The weekend after all the fun, I joined Beau's family in Austria for a ski trip! Wow, how I would like to blink my eyes and be there again right now!

This photo of Beau, is of him waiting for the ride up the mountain to lunch. It was awesome, you held onto a rope and they pulled you up to this small cabin with this view. The only way down from lunch, you and your skis. It is moments like this that you think back and wonder "Wow, did I cherish it when I was there?" I do now!

Isn't it crazy to look back sometimes at what you were doing a few years ago on this day, this week. It makes you realize all of the fun you have had! For now I will have to daydream about these memories, but hey, what a time it was!


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