Thursday, June 16, 2011

HELP make Amelia Lovely!

The wonderful blog Making it Lovely and American Express Membership Points have teamed up to give away 150,000 membership reward points and a custom Making it Lovely design plan. My oldest sister Charity is a finalist with her airstream, Amelia! PLEASE vote for her and help her recreate her space! VOTE HERE {you can vote once from an individual computer, phone, work computer, etc.}

Charity bought her little silver bullet as a dream she always had to drive away for the weekend with friends and have a hip little camper in the woods. Little did she know when she bought it that it needed A LOT OF work . Click over here to see her adventures with Amelia.

PLEASE pass this along to friends, coworkers, family, family friends....etc. Vote from all of your computers once. I am cheering along my sister and hoping she can make Amelia bright and shiny!!!! VOTE HERE for CHARITY !

xoxo ~Becca

1 comment:

  1. HI - I'm a new follower - I have a beachy blog too!

    Best Wishes on making the transition to sand and instead of concrete under your feet! Ages ago I moved from New England to South Florida - and now my hubby and I have made the permanent transition to year-round sunshine! Takes getting used to - especially around holiday time - but it's fun!

    Good luck with everything!



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