Friday, June 10, 2011


Lots have been written recently regarding Gwyneth Paltrow and her one too many things that she is doing: a cookbook, actress, blog, now a singer. I have to say, GO GWYN! I recently purchased her new cookbook My Father's Daughter and honestly, I love it. There are blogs out there that comment on how can she write a cookbook, what does she know? Well, buy it, use it, it is great. Gwyneth is a lucky person who is truly living the life of doing everything she loves, I completely look up to that! I think everybody else is well, jealous! She isn't saying that she is a master chef, she enjoys it and loves cooking and wants to share her healthy home cooking with everybody. Thanks Gwyn!

Her recipe for her father's pancakes looks absolutely delish!

The duck ragu recipe is on my list to make when we get home from travelling, it seems amazing. I have tried a few of her fish dishes, chicken, and a lot of the basics to keep in my pantry like roasted tomatoes. All of them were simple and tasty!
Sigh, can I have a pretty white kitchen with the sun shining in on me! The photos are quite beautiful.

Her guest appearances on GLEE, I'm a fan! I think her role is awesome! She can sing, act, dance, ok she can do it all.

Did you see her on the Grammy's this year? Hello spandex catsuit!

I mean really, I understand why people hate her out there, look at this amazing body she has while promoting a cookbook where she is eating bowls of pasta! What!

The Self cover makes me want to want to do Tracey Anderson's workout two times a day and eat duck ragu!;)
GOOP her lifestyle newsletter is oh so Gwyn. Ok, I can't afford half of the wardrobe pieces she shared recently but I did love her travel advice for my upcoming trip to London!

I made this seasonal berry crisp from her cookbook and it is easy and such a treat have during the summer. The perfect ending to a nice dinner with friends, it is so easy to pop in the oven while you are having dinner.
Honestly, I think Gwyneth Paltrow is amazing. She is a fabulous woman! After reading blog posts week after week tearing her apart for trying to do it all, as my mom would say, "You go girl!". Good for her! Rock on Gwyn!


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