Tuesday, July 13, 2010


As most of you know my beau is Dutch. So as you can imagine, these past few weeks have been exciting to see his Dutch Orangemen winning game after game during the World Cup! Sunday's game was exciting and even though the outcome was not what we wanted.....I still love the ORANGE! Hey, I'm still cheering them on!

An orange creamsicle milkshake sounds delightful right now.

I have always been an Orangeman at heart. REAL WOMEN WEAR ORANGE! Me and my two sisters are all Orangemen alum from Syracuse. Maybe it was meant to be that I paired up with another Orangeman;)

Butternut squash soup. Yum. The color is so beautiful and the taste makes me crave Fall!

Orange ranunculus are such beautiful fragile flowers.

Mrs. Lilien's blog is just so amazing. I am always inspired by her fun posts. How about this citrus themed post? How great is the dress.

Loving this orange dress from Isaac Mizrahi.
I have a pair of yellow converse, but the orange are tempting. They make me think of my grandpa who use to have a pair just like these and take 3 mile walks in the morning.

And to the wonderful Orangemen and WOMEN of Holland!
You ROCK! See you in 4 years! I'm still cheering you on.


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  1. orange is my favorite color so...um...
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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