Friday, July 30, 2010

A Bike for the Beach

I just absolutely LOVE this picture of Audrey Hepburn and her puppy. She is so adorable and chic on her little bike with a basket. She was photographed many times riding around on her bike. Maybe it was Audrey's Dutch childhood that created her love of biking. When Beau and I were in Holland it made me realize just how much people bike there! It was snowing and his friends still biked home! Anyways..... I want a little bike! A bike to go to the beach would be perfect! I started searching this morning and came upon a few.
A dream bike would be this Tiffany Blue colored bike (no, not turquoise, Tiffany Blue thank you). It is a fancy bike and way over my budget
(yep, its $600), but isn't it pretty!
A Gary Fisher Collection bike, fancy. How pretty is this floral bike from Target!
It is a limited edition from the Liberty line. So sweet.

I did however find this bike on Craig's List this morning! $180! hhhhm, tempting...and it is pink. Maybe a birthday fairy will bring one to me.
Fingers crossed:) So this weekend with no bike, I'll run to the beach
and enjoy it all the same.
xoxo~ Becca

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