Saturday, June 5, 2010

I want CANDY

Did you know that June is..... National CANDY month!
Everything sweets related makes me happy and smile inside.

{I have always loved this cotton candy from Martha Stewart Weddings.
I want to serve this at a party.}
{A candy button table/desk. So fun.}
{It has been raining a lot in the afternoons here in Florida.
A candy coated umbrella might be essential.}

{Gummi Lobsters from the Candy Warehouse. Oh you can find everything on that website! Lobster candy for summertime sounds perfect. }

{When I was little my sisters and I use to get rock candy and peas & carrot candy in Maine. These candies remind me of my childhood. They are quite fun now that I have found them again.}
{I love this Neapolitan inspired stationary. Just like the yummy pretty Neapolitan candies of layered Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla Coconut, the stationary is just as sweet.}
{ A Gummi Bear lamp could be perfect on my desk!}
{I have been stalking this Kate Spade Salt Water Taffy shirt. I mean really unnecessary and so lovely!}

{Beautiful French chocolates with beautiful wrappers.}

{Cute labels on simple pink candy.}

Live a Sweet Life! Go out and buy something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Happy Sweet Month!

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