Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Urban Flip Flops!

I started my blog last week... one year ago! It has been one year since I started posting on Urban Flip Flops and wow, what a year it has been!!! I started blogging about my move to be with my beau. I thought blogging would be a fun way to write about things in the big city and things by the beach. I wrote about work, Washington DC, girlfriends, bars, Florida, parties, cocktails, clothes, movies, my big move. For awhile I thought, well maybe its not time to move and started thinking about other options, and then come Spring and I decided..... here I go! Why wait?

Here I am now in sunny Fort Lauderdale. Living with beau, I started working at a new job, there HAVE been a lot of flip flops along the way! I look forward to sharing more and moving to a public site! I feel like opening my blog will be a great way for my friends to share my ideas with their friends. Enjoy:)

Happy 1st birthday Urban Flip Flops!

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