Thursday, July 14, 2011

MZ Wallace

I'm so in love with the M Z Wallace brand of bags. I remember a few years ago I saw a lady dressed in her put together "weekend attire" out and about running errands. She was carrying this structured nice nylon handbag that caught my eye. Even though it was a nylon bag it was so put together and chic. The bag reminded me of my grown up nylon Kate Spade bag from college. It had pockets and zippers and looked like something I had to have. I tracked down the bags and then fell in love with M Z Wallace bags! I do not yet have an M Z Wallace bag in my closet but Bea or Bianca or Jane, you are welcome to find a spot...there is still room!

The ever popular Bea bag.
The Bianca bag is a nice new style!

Baby Jane is the little sister of Jane and Kate. The Kate version is a wonderful option for a sophisticated baby bag!

The bright neon summer collection is perfect year round for Florida! I would love to sport the neon blue wallet as an evening clutch.

Hello Hot Pink Bag!

I love that you see such a mix of women wearing the M Z Wallace line. Corporate dressed ladies on their way to the office, hip city girls, moms, grandmothers, they are great! The pink bag and the camo bag, I die, love!

{all images from M Z Wallace site}

I hope a bag finds a way into your closet as well!


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