Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday ~ Princess Brides

In only a few days Kate Middleton be added to this list of forever iconic Princess Brides.

Queen Victoria, 1840. Great great great great grandmother of Prince William. Victoria and Albert had such a romantic love story. She was one of the first to wear a white wedding dress as seen below.

The Queen Mom, Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, 1923.
Queen Elizabeth II, 1947.

Princess Margaret, 1960.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, 1966.

Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, 2002.

Princess Grace of Monaco, 1956.
Princess Victoria of Sweden, 2010.

Princess Diana of Wales, 1981.

I was just a baby to actually remember the live broadcast of Diana and Charles, however I always remember my sisters talking about it. We had Princess Diana paper dolls that we lived playing with that had her big pouffy white dress. My grandmother would talk about the Royal family as if she knew them as neighbors. I read the Princess Diana Biography. When I studied abroad in London I loved taking tours of the royal life. The picture below is of Diana riding to the church on her wedding day. Wow, what do you think was going through her mind that morning!

Lady Diana Spencer & Father <span class=

Can't wait to post pictures of Kate and them into the Princess Wedding images!



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