Monday, April 18, 2011

Three New Cookbooks by some Chic Chefs

I have always been a lover of a nice new cookbook. I am perfectly happy spending a couple of hours at a bookstore browsing the cookbook section, planning when I am going to make all of the new recipes to look like just the photo. I browse through the books planning a reason to have a get together so I can make a new recipe. My love for entertaining and my love for cooking are always a great excuse to add a new book to my shelve! Right now I have a bit of a problem because I kind of want three! There are so many chic chefs out there writing beautiful books. Yes, there are my forever go to female chic chefs, Martha, Giada, Nigella, but now there are some new ladies on the block.

Pretty Delicious ~ A beautiful book written by Candice Kumai, the Stiletto Chef! Yep, Candice was on the first season of Top Chef, she was the "young culinary student". Well, she has come a long way and her blog and her book show it. I can't wait to get my hands on this healthy and gorgeous book!
Oh Miss Gwyneth, really, is there anything that you can't do right? Love her! I mean honestly, acting, singing, her GOOP blog, her workout regime, GLEE, her adorable family, her style, correct...the list goes on. Well now with her cooking passion, sigh, it is the icing on the cake of reasons as to why Gwyneth Paltrow is truly amazing. I just ordered the book, My Fathers Daughter and yep, I'm pretty psyched.
Sugar Baby Cookbook is written by Gesine Bullock - Prado {correct this is Sandra's sister}. Gesine owns an adorable bakery in Vermont and seeing the photos in her book makes me want to print out that application for pastry school and over night it in the mail. Its such a pretty cookbook full of sweet dreamy photos. OOoooo, the life of owning a confectionery!


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  1. Candice is one of the sweetest people ever! I've made the brownies a couple of times and while yummy, I can't get them to stop turning out like fluffy chocolate cake. She took the time to respond to my e-mail and give me some tips for next time!


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