Friday, March 4, 2011

Sunday Nights

Sunday night, hhmm. I love it but I hate it. It's the night meant to stay in and relax but it also reminds me that the weekend has ended. Sad. After we hang up our new curtains {woo hoo!, finally found some cute ones here}, I plan on laying on the couch and reading some magazines from my growing stack and browsing online. Here are a few of the links I will be checking out. Hope you had a great weekend and have a happy week ahead!

I'm in LOVE with this iPhone case that Erin on Elements of Style posted last week!

I have never been a big shorts person, however living in Florida there isn't a big choice. I saw these scalloped shorts on Queenswardrobe this week and am contemplating adding them to my closet.

Tonight I'm craving Spring vegetables but comfort food. This recipe with asparagus, peas and sage sounds delicious from Food and Wine Magazine.

Forever 21, shoes. hhmm? What do we think of these? Kind of fun riiiiight!

If you missed it, check out this amazing colorful wedding on Snippet & Ink. I am dying to go to the Parker Palm Springs hotel, maybe my 30th? Maybe a celebration, a wedding? A girls get together, whatever it is, I just love it. Check it out here, its great!

I have been looking for art and pictures for our house. I saw this posted on a blog the other day and feel in love with her! Valerie Chiang isn't event 20 years old and her work is beautiful! I am thinking of buying three beach prints for our Florida home.

Happy Sunday!


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