Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Remember when you were little and would buy a box of Valentine's card to give out to your friends. Sometimes they had candy attached and matching stickers. You would stuff each others Valentine's boxes in class.
So fun! Well even though I'm almost 30, I still enjoy a sweet card. I found a few favorites this year.
It was hard to choose. Maybe my beau will get 10 cards!

{these adorable sweet cards are from the amazing Hello Lucky!}

{ match card from Ink & Iron on Etsy}

{These cards from Someecards make me laugh}

{You Complete Me card from papermichele on Etsy}

{Print at home Valentine's from Belletristics on Etsy}

{RAWR card/print from JSGD on Etsy}

{I love you cards on JSGD from Etsy}

{Complimentary Valentine's from Ralphs Grocery on Etsy}


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