Monday, February 7, 2011

A pink room makes me happy

In my old apartment in DC I had a pink wall in my bedroom, I loved it! Splashes of pink through out a home I think are just so pretty and fresh! How can I get my beau to let me paint a room pink some day. We are fixing up our house, maybe pink will be able to make its way into some items! The photos below show just how pretty it
can be in a not to girly way.
The color of the year this year is Honeysuckle. What a pretty pretty pink!
I have a mini version of this pink print in our bedroom. Love the print.

How pretty is the light pink room in the back with the light shining in!

I die! I'm in love with this kitchen. The grey floor, the white cabinets, the pink walls, sigh!

Ooooo, the sitting chair is oh so adorable in front of the bright pink wall.

With some pink accents it doesn't make it to feminine. Pretty!

LOVE this bedroom! The bedding, the couch....the monogrammed side table!

How chic is this couch?!?!? Any chance it could take place of our dark leather couch?

I want to take a long nap on this crisp white bed with the pink painted room, it looks dreamy.


{photos courtesy of Domino Magazine, Elements of Style, House Beautiful}

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  1. Hey Becca! I'm an artistic model and photoshoot organizer. I love these set ups- does this place exist under one roof yet or anything very similar? Looking to shoot a Barbie theme shoot and this is great! Please contact me! Thanks! Jenni


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