Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The last 6 months

It seems like years ago since I wrote this post here , sharing the news of my pregnancy. As you can see I have been a bit quite on the blog front since then. These past few months have been a bit crazy to say the least, but all in a fun and exciting way. We are moving to a new flat next week after living in our place for almost four years, work has been a bit full on with the exciting opening next week, we travelled to Holland with my parents for a week and in the mix I have had a lot of events going on, taking care of myself and getting ready for #babygirlkobus . In the middle of all of this I get home at night and I'm just tired and haven't been able to stay up till midnight to write a post like I use to. However, over the next few weeks when things wind down a bit, I'm so excited to share the posts that have been storing up in my mind. Today I thought I would share what so many people have been asking me, how am I? How am I feeling? How have the last 6 months been! With 29 weeks on the horizon tomorrow, it is crazy to think this little lady will be here in a few months. Planning her nursery {how great is the print below I am loving from Ever After Press}, baby lists, baby bump aerobics, maternity clothes, cravings, tired feet, there has been a lot going! 

How I have been feeling?
I promised not to make my blog a baby blog, but then I realized its my personal site and people have been asking, so hey, I will post as much as you want. I am so lucky to have been able to feel great during my pregnancy. I feel a bit bad talking about it because I have friends who have felt just absolutely terrible, exhausted every day and have had morning sickness for months, luckily I have not. I honestly can say, I have been sick only once. I've continued to exercise and continue on with my normal days, and over the last few weeks have been learning to slow it down a bit, but otherwise I have been ok. I have been sleepy I have to say, 10pm and I'm pretty done for the day, asleep on the couch only 5 minutes into a show, but really, I have felt really well. Over the past few weeks I have just started to feel, well, big, but keep reminding myself that is normal, I think it is just a hard thing to learn during your first pregnancy. 

Have I had cravings? 
Not really! I wish I could tell you that I send Mr. Beau out every night to run and get me a pint of ice cream, but I don't {however that sounds amazing!}. The first few months I really didn't fancy the usual yummy big healthy salads I love that are full of grains and veggies but would way rather have a yummy big sandwich, luckily, that has gone away. We do make a weekly trip to Udderlicious and indulge in homemade amazing delicious ice cream but hey, I'm 6 months pregnant, I think thats ok. If I had to name one thing of a craving, I would say certainly, it would be sweets/desserts, I for sure fancy some cake or a bite of chocolate more then I use to. I have been trying to stay good and not use the old saying of eating for two, because reality is that come September I'll be trying to get that cake off of my post pregnancy bod. I have really been trying to stay positive about the change in my body but it is hard, really hard. Nothing fits, my thighs feel big, my arms feel big, I certainly do not look like one of the movie stars in the their bikinis with just a small bump. Recently I look in the mirror and wonder, whoa, how did my tummy get so big, but I love my bump, makes me happy. So saying that, I'm just trying to be positive, to mentally give good body image thoughts to the little lady arriving and accept that I want a piece of cake, I can have a small one, my body is changing and thats the way of life.  

{on the mat with my bump}

Speaking of cravings and eating, have I been exercising? 

Yes. I actually have a whole post I want to share about exercising while pregnant. I am no expert but I thought I would share what I have liked the best. I continued the first few months with the classes I usually attended and did modified exercises mixed in with prenatal classes. Once four months came a long, my belly started to grow and things like rowing felt really awkard to me, so I have modified my routine to my favorite class BUMP at Frame and to Prenatal Yoga classes along with some online videos I have been doing. Compared to pre pregnancy where I would do circuit training and be super committed, I'm trying to be a bit easier on myself these past few months if I can't make a class, I mean honestly, I've got a lot going on. However, if I do sign up for a class, I don't make myself feel too bad about not staying at work later, I remind myself that my 90 minute yoga class is good for me and good for the baby and I always leave feeling super rested. I realize that you can't get your time back, so sitting at my desk stressing out over an event is not worth the stress during these nine months, take care of yourself. Speed walk, swim, do yoga, just keep moving. On days where I am sleepy and would rather go home, I remind myself that the time moving will make me feel so much better now, are good for the baby and will allow me to bounce back a bit easier after, fingers crossed. Keep watching for a post on pregnancy classes!

What are my favorite maternity stores to shop at? 
Getting dressed in the morning has for sure become, well, creative. I was lucky enough that I could wear a lot of my loose blouses for the first four months and wear my regular pants along with a belly band {I got this one} , however I also purchased a pair of maternity leggings and jeans early on and have been wearing them weekly since. I have to say that I haven't bought a ton of clothes, I'm shocked at myself for that. I wish I had created a lovely maternity capsule wardrobe that I read about but honestly, I didn't. Now in my third trimester I just can't bring myself to buy so many things because I keep thinking how hopefully I will not be wearing it in four months down the road, but am also finding more and more that really nothing fits me. I have loved the t-shirts, tanks and skinny jeans at H&M maternity and do not feel so bad about buying a lot of pieces because they are pretty inexpensive. I have really loved ASOS maternity as they have some cute dresses for work and for special occasions that do not break the bank. They are all constantly adding to their site. I wish I would have ordered from Isabella Oliver earlier on as their stuff is really nice quality and it may not be super cheap but its nice and will wear for 9 months! I'm now on a hunt for a bathing suit for our baby moon and so far ASOS and Old Navy maternity are topping the list.

{I have indulged in some really lovely food, not junk, yummy good stuff!}

Do you have the nursery ready?
No. I am six months pregnant and do not have the nursery ready or the baby list done. We are moving next week and then its time to go. Baby girl isn't getting an entire room, we do not live in a big house in a America, we have a small but great two bedroom flat in London, limited space. I have plans to create a little corner of her own space within the guest room. The colors will be pink, gold and grey and pretty and feminine for a little lady. I can't wait to mix the pieces I am loving from Ikea, West Elm, Target and so many more.

I promise I will be back before the baby is born, I promise! I won't go away this time for months, life has just been a bit crazy and having a baby in belly has made me one tired lady myself. All in all I have been feeling great. A huge thank you to so many of you who have left me super sweet messages over on Instagram , we are really over the moon excited to see meet her!

I will be back next week with some maternity London favorite exercise classes amongst party posts.
xoxo Rebecca


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