Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Paper Party

When you think of paper cups and paper plates for a party, do you have flashbacks of red solo cups from your college get togethers? Plastic red and blue plates from a pizza party in high school? Well let me tell you, paper plates are way cooler then they ever once were!!!! I have discovered so many amazing brands recently that stock the cutest, chic party lines for paper cups and paper plates. If I stopped by a friends house for a get together and these were on their table, I'd say, paper cups, casual party, whatever, these are amazing. SO don't apologize for making the get together easy and using paper products, I say, they are amazing. Here are a few of my favorite paper picks for your next party. 

Happy Celebrating in style....and a WAY easier clean up then washing the dishes! 
xoxo Rebecca 

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