Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Simple Soiree : Movie Night at Home

Last week I found an old box of pictures from college and one made me smile so much and remember a fun simple night with my friends. Senior year when I lived in an apartment with two best friends, instead of heading out to the bars one night, instead of getting all dressed up, we stayed in, velour sweatpants suits on and made root beer floats, popped popcorn, read gossip magazines and watched tons of movies. While those girlfriends of mine now live on the other side of the pond, thousands of miles away, I found myself longing for one of those nights in with friends. In part of my  Simple Soiree posts, I thought a movie night in would be a perfect get together no matter how old or young you are! A few friends, pillows on the couch, easy yummy food, little bottle of bubbly, homemade milkshakes and some of your favorite Oscar winning movies! Add a little glitz and glam to your paper plates and cups, and voila, you have a soiree! 

1. Don't have enough couch space for friends to come over? Lay some blankets and pillows on the floor and instantly, more movie seating. Velvet Cushion Cover & West Elm Mongolian Cushion Cover

2. Don't set up the entire bar. Offered mini bottles of champagne and something non alcoholic and bubbly, along with a homemade float! These are Root Beer Float Shots, the perfect size. 

3. Offer a spread of sweets and savories. You can buy pre made Waitrose Mini Hamburger which are the perfect size for a party. Make a big batch of Coconut Popcorn served in Popcorn Boxes, movie candy, Sweet & Salty Pretzel Mix and you won't be up and down in the kitchen all night. Make easy recipes! 

4. Glam paper party items - Gold Scalloped Paper Cup , Gold Plates ,Gold Paper Straws 
Peach Blossom

5. Some of my Award winning choices: Roman Holiday, Chicago, Slumdog Millionaire, The Kings Speech. Ooh I can't WAIT to see the awards this year! 

xoxo Rebecca

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  1. Thanks for including our glam golden plates! Lovely blog post :) - Rebecca from Party Pieces!


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