Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Party Family

If you weren't already aware, the soon to be Princess Catherine comes from quite the party family. Working in the event business I love that Kate Middleton's family is in the event world also! See, I have something in common with her. Yes, tomorrow there will be a lot of royal official traditions that Kate has to follow, but I am sure she has added a little of her own touches to the event, as it seems with the advice of her family she knows where to get it!

Kate's parents own and run the business, Party Pieces, the online party supply store that she also worked at for many years. Check it out, it is quite a cute business!

Do you think Kate ordered these butterflies for a bridal luncheon?

I love the British tea party theme. I wonder if Kate wasn't the bride to be, if they would have an entire Royal Wedding section? hmmm?

Pretty table recommendations on their blog, Party Times.

Kate's younger brother, James Middleton, branched out from his parents business and opened up The Cake Kit Company. Cake Kit allows you to be a complete box with the pans, ingredients, icings and all of the decor.

Then there is Pippa, the youngest sister, Kate's maid of honor. First off, have I mentioned I love love the name Pippa, too cute, OK anyways.... Pippa works for a wonderful British catering company, Table Talk.

If I were ever to move to London, you think I could work at Table Talk? Maybe Pippa will be moving on to plan events for Kate and William?

Yes, I have the Royal Wedding Bug! I can't wait to see the event tomorrow. It is so very exciting and is going to change the event world a bit. Whatever dress Kate is wearing, however the Abby is decorated, whatever type of cake they have, those are only a few of trends that are to come in the event world.

Cheers! ~Becca

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