Monday, January 17, 2011

The Golden Globes 2011 - hhmmmmm.

So last night the Golden Globes were on and as a movie fan, the Globes and the Oscars...I LOVE! I have to say, I was a bit under whelmed at the dresses this year. What a mix! I feel bad saying but I think I saw more worst dressed then best, sad. Oh well, here it goes....

Natalie Portman was so so cute accepting her speech, I didn't love but I didn't hate the dress, it was kind of fun. No Michelle Williams, I heart her, but just didn't heart this. I was trying to, the shape of the dress is beautiful but the daisies was a bit not my love.
Helena Bonham Carter, honestly I expected nothing less then crazy. She is married to Tim Burton, their household must be crazy But come on, can somebody please comb her hair!
Heidi Klum...what???? Really! Such a pretty lady, why???

Eva Longaria, finally a beauty, finally. The dress looked amazing, she looked amazing, I loved it.
I think these three minimalist ladies looked stunning. Emma Stone, way to go, you looked beautiful and so chic. Claire Danes, I heart that when they announced you they mentioned My So Called Life! And Michelle Pfeiffer, well you will be 90 years old and still stunning, oh my.
Anne Hathaway looked so old school Hollywood, I loved it.
Scarlett, eek, no. Old lady, didn't love it.
Olivia Wilde, good for you, your dress was pretty and stunning, loved.
Amy Adams I thought looked gorg in this blue dress with her fire red hair. The laser cut ruffles are great.
January Jones....why? really! why? What are you thinking. Such a beauty, such a band bandage dress.
Lea Michelle, ruffles, bows and pink, I was a fan. I thought she looked pretty pretty. Was hoping she would win, thought she might sing the speech:)
And the "golden couple", Brad, you are so handsome. Angelina, the hair? people loved the dress, me, not my favorite.

WOW, what will the Oscars bring us!


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  1. Emma Stone looked amazing!

    As for my normal fave, Michelle, it was a little too Mia Farrow/Rosemary's Baby for me. But I still love her and her style!


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