Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Girlfriend Friday!

Wow, how is it already Friday again! The week has flown by! I started off my Friday with a nice quick catch up with my bestey Brandi. Recently we have been playing phone tag nonstop and I thought, I will give her a try with the few minutes I have. It was so nice to say hi and start off my Friday on the right foot! There is nothing better I believe then a little time to catch up with a girlfriend. I am heading to DC this weekend to help a good friend with a wedding and also to see a lot of my bestey's in the Nation's Capital. I can't wait to see everybody even in the short time I will be there.
There truly is nothing like a great group of girlfriends. I knew this before moving to Florida and I realize it even more so now! I have met a few potential good girlfriends and it makes me TRES excited.

Whether in Florida, DC, NYC, Vermont, Philly, California or around the world, stay in touch! Write, call, email, text, just say hi. Happy Girlfriend FRIDAY to all of the wonderful ladies in my life! xoxo~Becca

1 comment:

  1. happy girlfriend friday my dear. always great to catch up with you. xo


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