Friday, May 28, 2010

me and a cosmo

I think that this afternoon I might dress up, lay on the couch and drink a Cosmo...or two! I have only been in Florida for a few days but am already missing my girlfriends. I love my beau and am glad I am here but hey, watching Sex and the City 2 with the girls just doesn't get much better.

I guess it was about 9 years ago that I was an intern in NYC. Christa and I use to run upstairs to her cousins apartment to watch Sex and the City every Sunday night. We would search websites for where the girls hung out in NYC and save all our pennies to indulge in a cocktail there as well. Oh the fun memories!

The first movie came out a couple of years ago and I had the great company of my sisters and my mom. It was a weekend away in Scottsdale Arizona and we made sure to have tickets before we even arrived.

I think I may go see a matinee tomorrow and celebrate having great amazing fabulous girlfriends! I am a lucky girl:) It doesn't matter where we live. Maybe we can all go to Abu Dhabi for the weekend like they did.

.....I thought SJP looked FAB at the premiere in NYC!

....ooooo I just love her! The hat from the last premier and this premier are so amazing!

I hope you all find a little time to indulge in a showing of Sex and the City 2! Girlfriends, cocktails, amazing clothes, relationships, jobs....the show and movie are just fabulous. I am toasting to all of you from my couch.


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