Wednesday, January 13, 2010

being sick....stinks

I spent last week full of sniffles, achey feelings and pockets full of tissues. Unfortunately after having a wonderful holiday, I got caught with the sick bug. The cold, the flu, everything has been going around! I chose to stay home for two days and tried to fight it off. After days of laying on the couch, I was wondering WHY, I thought I was so healthy! Sometimes, it just happens and you catch the sick bug.

These last two weeks at the office have been long and stressful. Finally this week I am feeling a little bit better, but still exhausted. I know that often there is nothing you can do about getting sick, however, I have made a promise to myself to NOT let it happen anytime again sooooon!

Stock your shelves with healthy! I have been stocking up on major Vitamin C. I have been drinking glasses of water, Emergen C (I like raspberry flavor!), I have been peeling clementines and oranges through out my day. I am trying to hold back on my vino consumption (so sad) for a little more tea. I have been making simple smoothies with blueberries, bananas and yogurt for a little extra antioxidants.
I have been attempting to get more rest and bundle up when I brave the cold.

So lesson learned, do not run yourself to the ground like me, Miss Busy Bee. I can still feel my stuffy head and tired body and will do anything to fight it off! Stay healthy! It is cold season! Mexico, here I come in 30 days, keep me healthy!


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