Friday, March 22, 2013

I Fancy Friday v.6

Happy Friday! This week has been busy in a fun type of way! I have had a great friend visiting from the States, it is the first week of Spring and my good friend I have met here in London have visitors in from the States as well. I have spent the week wandering around our new city exploring and drinking wine talking wedding stuff, like good ole times in DC. Throughout the week a few things caught my fancy, you?I fancy friday

I fancy friday by rldamato

1. Daffodils - I can not get enough of these springy flowers! The cost £1 per bunch in the store. Cheap and Pretty = Love.

2. Our Queen - I loved watching this new documentary about the Queen's jubilee. I have to say, she is one heck of a woman! Not only has she been queen for 60 years, wow, but for being 86 years old, this lady is with it!

3. Cute Cocktails Napkins - This sounds simple I know, however, there isn't a Target here! I can't find simple quick cute cocktail napkins here whenever I want. I snatched up a few cute pairs at Selfridges from Meri Meri and Talking Tables and can't wait for our next cocktail party.

4. Good as Gold Bracelet - Elizabeth brought me this sweet Kate Spade bracelet and I am so in love with it. The idiom bracelets that Kate makes are such perfect gifts!

5. Laduree at Harrods - le SIGH. We stopped in at Harrods and in all honesty, nothing makes this girl happier then a Laduree box with a pink ribbon and caramel salted macarons inside.

6. Gap 1969 Western Shirt - I bought this shirt on sale recently and quickly it has become my go to shirt. Casual or with a big necklace for the evening, it is a staple instantly in your closet.

7. Lola Rose Zebra Scarf - I bought this at Fashion Week and it is perfect to jazz up my black winter coat! Yes, it is still very much WINTER here when it comes to our wardrobe.

Happy Friday! xoxo~Becca

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