Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Filling Up My Easter Basket

I truly can not believe that this weekend is Easter! The weather here feels like Christmas is around the corner instead of the Easter Bunny arriving! To put me in the Spring and Easter holiday mood I have decorated our flat with bunches of daffodils and have filled bowls full of Cadbury chocolates. When I think back to Easter when I was a little girl and the surprises I received in my Easter basket, like when  when my parents actually got us bunnies, it makes me so happy! I know that I will not be receiving a bunny this year, but if I could have a surprise Easter basket full of some sweet UK treats and a little bit of sunshine I would be happy.  Maybe I will get myself a little basket and fill it with these treats: 

2. Not on the High Street Live Love Dance Sing Bangles

Instead of a wicker basket I would love my Easter basket to be switched to a little Easter Egg colored leather Gap bag:) ! 

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you indulge in some sweets on Sunday as well! 

1 comment:

  1. Yummy! Oh my goodness, how I miss England during Easter! I always got the Extra Thick Egg w/ all the other chocolates inside from Hotel Chocolat! You and Beau must try one! xo


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