Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Martha's Vineyard Wedding

This weekend we are off to Martha's Vineyard to celebrate one of college besties wedding! I am so excited to be travelling to the Vineyard for my first time and for my Alpha Phi Sorority Sister {I had to do a little college love shout out!} that is getting married this weekend. Wow, I feel like yesterday the two of us were sitting on the steps of our sorority house talking about crushes on guys and this weekend she is walking down the aisle. Where does time go?

Anyways....while browsing around online I stumbled upon this sweet intimate wedding in the Vineyard that was feature on 100 Layer Cake at the beginning of the year, I had to share!

The cute direction signs with the life savor added is adorable.

What an amazing photo of the newlyweds with the water in the background!

The little details of the wedding for a group of 36 of their favorite people are lovely. Striped straws and pie for their "cake" always make me happy!
The couple had sweatshirts made for guests to wear on the chilly Summer Vineyard evenings.

A lobster bake! That sounds like an amazing reception menu to me. And how cute is the couple with their bibs on.
I can't wait to post pics from my trip and the beautiful bride Emily:)


{all images from Our Labor of Love}


  1. The beauty about the banquet halls in Chicago is that they give you a somewhat blank canvas where you can create the wedding you envisioned, etc., which will be different from others.


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