Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Nice Note

I have always loved writing and receiving a nice hand written note. We live in the world of emails and tweets and texts, so when you get a hand written note in the mail, it is a treat! As I think I may have shared multiple times in the past, I LOVE nice stationary. Recently I have seen so many beautiful cards that I have to close my computer to stop from pushing the confirm purchase button. When I was in DC this weekend I of course made a stop in the amazing Paper Source but was sad not to make it to the adorable new paper goods store in Old Town Alexandria, VA, Fifteen Eleven. Hopefully next time! It looks lovely!

I have a lot of letter writing and thank you cards to write next week and I would love to send them on all of these adorable notes. Here are some new beautiful cards I have found.

Bow Cards from Simple Song are precious. I think I could make these my personalized stationary with a pink pen.

Say HELLO with Ballet Flat Cards, adorable.

Rifle Paper Co., sigh, I love everything they create! I think this adorable note pad could find a good home next to my desk.

Aren't these black and gold cards so chic and cute!

I feel like these are a perfect card for me to write from Florida from Kate Spade! Maybe it should say, Hello from Sunshine!

Want to be my pen pal? I would love a nice little note:)


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