Friday, May 27, 2011

a SWEET summer soiree

The latest wonderful issue of RUE magazine is live {wooo hoo!}. This issue has a Summer Entertaining guide and it is just in time for the beautiful holiday weekend ahead! While flipping through the magazine {via an ipad, still amazed and getting use to the idea of flipping throgh magazines on a computer} I fell in LOVE with the Summer Lovin' section that the amazing Mindy Weiss put together. The images below make you want to be a guest
at the party! Check out the video at the bottom, it made me dance around with delight for Summer Time to arrive!

{the amazingly talented Wedding Planner Extraordinaire Mindy Weiss}

{The beautiful invite set from Lehr & Black}

{Summer Lovin' from Floataway Studios on Vimeo.}

Who wants to throw a backyard bash as cute as this with me this summer?

Bathing caps and all!


{All of the beautiful images are from the amazingly talented Elizabeth Messina.}


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