Monday, May 9, 2011

one year ago

One year ago today I got on a plane in DC and moved my life to join my beau in Florida. It has been quite a year, flip flops and all, looking back it has been a year full of change, trips, friends and change. Wow, what a year it has been! Here are a few of my favorite things throughout the last few months.....

My girlfriends threw me a going away party, these napkins stated what I needed to keep telling myself.
My last night out in Washington, cocktails at the W over looking the White House, how perfect!

Moved to Florida, a week later beau and I were in China visiting his brother. What a trip!

A move, a new job at a local event planning company.

A trip to San Francisco to celebrate my Dad!

I carved pumpkins by the pool in the backyard with Beau's cousins visiting from Holland, a first.
A girlfriend trip to Philly with a newly engaged bestie!

My family visited for Christmas in Florida!

Christmas dinner was a fiesta!

We made a trip to Holland for New Years and visited beau's family.

Beau and I ran the 7 mile bridge run in the Keys.

I ran a 100 mile relay from Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach!

My DC girlfriends visited and got to see my new home.

My college besties visited and we celebrated a new wee one on the way!

A morning trip to Palm Beach was a much different shopping experience then in DC!

Beau and I in front of our little yellow Florida home. Life has changed a lot but looking back it has been a fun filled year. I miss the city life but for now I can't complain, palm trees in my yard and sunshine every day!

Thanks for following along with me throughout my crazy year!

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  1. So glad to have you here in Florida! xo


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