Monday, January 17, 2011

The Curiosity Shoppe

After reading a few blog posts the other day I fell upon this cute shop, the Curiosity Shoppe. The site is really funky and well has the essentials I need: ceramic ice cream cone holders, silly note cards, ribbons, prints, a porcelain door stop. Curious? Head over

Here are some of my favorite finds.....
A ceramic trophy for your mantle. Why not!I would use it as a vase. It makes you feel like you always win.
How cute are these little earrings.
LOVE this horseshoe. Maybe for the wall. It makes me want to have a party and put one on each chair as a little gift of luck.
OBSESSED with these ribbons. Not quite sure what I want to do with them but I have a feeling I could find a good reason to dress up the table with them.
How cute is this card? Need I say more.

Curious for what other little treasures they offer. Head on over to their site.


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