Friday, February 19, 2010

Working Out for Spring

I went to my first boot camp class yesterday in almost two weeks. Oh my! After hip hop yoga class last night and that workout, my arms are on FIRE today! I am so ready for the 4 ft of snow to melt away so I can get back outside
for early morning runs. For now I am dreaming of some cute new work
out gear and new workouts for Spring.
Cute workout gear always makes you feel better!
Spring Run

With all of the snow days last week, bundling up to go to the gym was not in my plan. I have been doing at home work out DVD's a lot. I feel a little like my mom doing the Jane Fonda work out tapes when I was little, but hey, they work! Right now the Biggest Loser DVD sets are keeping me moving but I'm looking for something new. I think I am going to get Tracey Anderson Method set, starting with level 1. She looks ridiculous! Amazing! Gwyneth and Madonna have always loved her and now Jennifer Aniston is hooked.....I'm in!

How cute and stylish is this patent leather gym bag from Lululemon. I love it!

I have always wanted to get some of Stella McCartney's items from Adidas. They are always sold out so quickly!
How cute are the exercise shorts with a bow!!!!
Adorable! Maybe this year.

Ok sun...come out. Spring I am SO ready for you! Time to get ready for sunny days and lots of runs!


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