Monday, November 23, 2009

I want to get away

Maybe it could be because it is Monday or maybe I just want a get away. Either way, I am finding myself dreaming of a get away. I don't think these fall in any type of budget, well I can dream. dream with me....

Napa - I would taste wine all day, eat nice beautiful meals, read a book cuddled by the fireplace. I have always longed to go to Wine Country in California. These hotels look beautiful! Auberge du Soleil and Les Mars Hotel

South Africa - RIGHT! I know. If my private jet could come and pick me to go to the Molori Safari Lodge! Oh my. This place looks so amazing!

Miami - I have always wanted to stay at the Raleigh Hotel. The old school glamour makes me delighted! Check out the gorgeous pool! Don't you imagine hollywood stars laying out with a cocktail in the 50's.

Jamaica - Um, the private houses along the cliffs, sign me for a stay! The view of the water from your bed! I love. The Island Outpost at the Caves.

Ok....who wants to join me?


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