Friday, July 17, 2009

Fresh, Fabulous, Fun

A few weeks ago Sidra Forman did the flowers and chuppah at a wedding at work. They were so pretty, natural, seasonal and lovely. I had never worked with Sidra before and after looking at her site was so interested in her work.
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going over to her house for lunch with my colleague Pam. We had such a lovely time! Sidra is so much more then a florist. She has created such a wonderful lifestyle of eating well, growing gardens, arranging flowers and teaching others to use the items that are available in their local markets and farms. It was so much more then a networking lunch, I felt like I had known her years. Sidra has a beautiful garden in the back of her house that has an amazing fig tree and many flowers that she uses for her arrangements. For lunch she had just baked fresh bread and a yummy green bean salad and a chopped veggie salad, the homemade cashew butter was amazing.

I learned during lunch that Sidra and her husband use to own a restaurant, before that she was a lawyer. Now Sidra and her husband have started opening their home as a restaurant every now and then. Guests have been a mix of new friends, old friends, birthdays and celebrations. I was so inspired when I left of what she has created and it made me want to go home, cook a healthy dinner and change some of my daily habits.
The usual networking turned into such a pleasant surprise. Lunch ended with a yummy cup of french press coffee and homemade vegan fresh mint, chocolate cookies. Maybe we can all get together for a dinner soon at Sidra's Restaurant 1508. It would be a delightful evening!

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