Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I love DC- #3

Tranquil Space! Ok so I have become a little obsessed with Tranquil Space. I discovered Tranquil Space three years ago when I signed up for a newbie yoga class and have been HOOKED since. They opened up a new amazing studio on 17th street last year. The studio is the perfect place to come after work, during the weekend, on a busy day when you need to get your mind away. Not only is it a fabulous yoga studio, it is also a store, a spa and a tea bar. I LOVE IT! Yoga and retail therapy!

Kimberly Wilson is the lady who started it all! I listen to her podcast, read her blog and have read her books. I was reading an article about her recently and the girl said it perfect....they had a girl crush on Kimberly Wilson! haha. I totally agree. Kimberly was a paralegal and started teaching yoga in her living room. Years later I find her story of how she followed her dream and opened up Tranquil Space, designed clothes, wrote a few books, the story goes on. She is super cool with her pink stripes in her hair, her obsession with cupcakes, her cute pug Louis and her fabulous "pink palace". What other yoga studio have you heard of that offers a hip hop yoga class on a Friday night with a dj! Kimberly's idea.

I have been researching places in Florida that compare somewhat to Tranquil Space and I haven't found it yet. It truly is one place I wish I could pack up and move with me! If you live in DC and haven't taken a class there, go! If you are visiting, go. I hope you find the Tranquil Space lifestyle the Kimberly has created as fabulous as I have!

Now I'm off to bed....trying to keep my mind as relaxed as it was when I left class yesterday....Namaste!


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